F U L L   P R O P E R T Y  S T Y L E

We take care of all the elements that will turn your empty property into a modern, beautiful and inviting home ready for the sale campaign. Prices start from $2600 for a full 1 bedroom apartment package and are inclusive of quoting, styling, furniture rental, delivery, and insurances.

P R E - S A L E  C O N S U L T

Let Louise show you how to maximize the selling potential of your home, whether it is starting at the beginning for those unsure where to start.  Or for those who just need the finishing touches to make their home beautiful, modern and ready to shoot and sell!  Louise will cover advice on:

- styling, design & layout
-maximsing the use of space & existing furniture
- storage service, removalists etc
- prop & drop service
- sourcing items you may wish to purchase yourself

P R O P  &  D R O P

This is a furniture rental service for the already well dressed home that needs only a key piece or two to make it ‘sale ready’.  You can pick up from our storage, or we can arrange delivery. This option is perfect for those with a limited budget or those who just need a few accessories and a stylist's eye to complete the property.

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